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Outside lighting ideas to transform your garden

Summer is almost here and you’re most likely starting to think about spending more time in your garden. It’s a great time to think about ways to make your outdoor space look great so you can relax and enjoy the sunshine. If you’ve never thought about installing some outside lighting before, it’s well worth considering.

Here are our tips for coming up with the perfect lights.

Uplighters in garden decking

To work out where your lights need to go, think about where you spend the most time. Position lights near your garden seats so that you and your guests can carry on chatting.

When it’s dark you can use your lighting to highlight the best parts of your garden and hide the areas you’d rather not display. If you have a beautiful garden feature, for example a tree or a lovely pond, why not show it off? You can use an uplighter at the base of a tree or create a subtle glow around your pond.

We generally recommend using up lights in garden seating areas as the light is quite subtle. By contrast, lights that point downwards often feel overly formal. If you’ve used lighting around any features, this will create layers of lighting that give a lovely effect overall.

garden lighting shining up against a wall

When you’re using your garden at night, safety should be a key consideration. Make sure that any steps or paths are clearly visible so you can go inside safely when you need to. This is especially important for guests who might not know your garden as well as you do. If you have any potential hazards, for example an uncovered pond, make sure that’s highlighted too.

Of course, there are more general safety considerations when you install outside lighting. Your lights will be exposed to the elements throughout the year.

Make sure that your lights are installed by a qualified electrician who will ensure that your lights meet all the right safety standards.

If you need assistance with selecting and fitting the right outdoor lighting for your needs, please get in touch. Bring It Ohm Electrical Solutions can help you to design outdoor lighting that will transform the look of your garden and allow you to enjoy your summer evenings to their fullest.

garden lighting shinng up against a fence and through trees

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